Our export department is ready to provide you with our products where ever you are.

We provide you a special packaging service labeled with your own brand.

Customize and personalize your product and benefit from our quantity- based discounts

Our new export department was established in 2016, due to the raising number of orders internationally, and to increase the functionality of working with our supply chain. As a b2b company we believe in long-term relationships, as a result had to support our sales with some services so that we can serve every customer separately and customizable to have the sales done efficiently.

What we provide for our customers, is that we can export our products with any needed quantity to any location. Also we provide a private labels and customize the products packaging. As we follow our goal of on how to deliver our products to the customer more than expected.

You can find our E-mails and contact information in the contact page, contact us in order to give is the opportunity provide you with all the required details about our company, work strategies or quantities and prices.


  • We  Have High-tech  Huge  Europeans  Roasting  Lines Can Produce Hundred Tons Of Nuts Daily.
  • We Have High- Tech Europeans Frying Line.
  • Vlore Than     20 High     - Tech Modern Packaging Machine With Gas Flush To Keep Freshness & Taste.
  • Latest Technology Canning Machine With Vacuum And Gas Flush To Fill The Nuts Cans.
  • New High - Tech Packaging Machines With Nitrogen Flush To Keep Quality And Freshness.
  • We  Works With  Big  Huge  Companies  For  Food  Grade Packaging Materials.
  • More Than 20 Packaging Machine For Pouches & Cans Sealing Can Produce More Than Two Containers Daily.
  • We Import Raw Nuts From Big Trusted Companies From More Than 30 Country Around The World.
  • The Inspection & Lap Tests Done For Raw Materials On Receipt.
  • We Have Big Warehouse With Many Big Separated Areas With Temperatures & Humidity Control System For Raw Vaterial. ( 2500 M2).  

Private Label

Due to the differences in the needs of the end - customers, Al-Oqab has added the private label service in order to customize the packaged products according to the order of the customers. We create you design and add your special logo to your label.