Since 1984 Aloqab has been achieving a sustainable growth rate.

Aloqab currently leads the Jordanian nuts market and captures a substantial market share, as we produce a wide range of Nuts, Seeds, Coffee and Spices products supported by our passion for taste and quality.

Our clients are operating all over the world covering international markets with nuts products.

With our huge production lines we have the ability to supply our products to the global markets in order to satisfy the quantitative and the qualitative needs of the global market.

Aloqab Also provide additional services such as private labels and client's product customization.



The Jordanian Roasting Group (Aloqab) was established in 1986 by Mr. Khaled  Alnatsheh with the creation of a small factory in Amman.

Aloqab moved to a new site. With a new building in Amman – Almoqableen and added a new production lines for coffee Roasting.

Aloqab introduce a new Roasting lines for nuts and seed.

As part of our continuous evolution culture, came a complete revamp initiative of Aloqab we introduce packaging.

 After we mastered the Jordanian market, we started exporting our products worldwide.

Nowadays we are leading a huge marketing campaign all over Jordan & the world.


We will invent the future of high quality food manufacturing distributing and marketing in the world


Manufacturing, marketing and related services of high quality diversified foodstuff especially (Nuts and kernels, seeds, Coffee, spices …) in order to meet our customers' needs in both local and global markets


Innovation, Creativity, Commitment, Excellence, Nurturing and heritage these are driving

Forces that have moving Aloqab nuts forward throughout the world.