About Us

The Jordanian Roasting Company Aloqab was founded at 1984.

 '' Aloqab'' has attained a sustainable growth rate since its inception.

'' Aloqab'' currently leads the Jordanian nuts market with a wide range of products and capture a substantial market share. Our clients are operating in all Jordanian cities, covering Jordanian market with a fleet of vans rendering services once or twice a week to each customer in addition to the most  Malls , Big malls and Big super markets all over Jordan and regional markets.


In 1984 The Jordanian Roasting Group (ALoqab) was established in 1986 by Mr. Khaled  Alnatsheh with the creation of a small factory in Amman.

In 2000 , ALoqab moved to a new site. With a new building in Amman – Almoqableen.

Also in 2000 ALoqab introduce a new production lines for coffee Roasting .

In 2010 ALoqab introduce a new Roasting lines for nuts and seed.

In 2013 As part of our continuous evolution culture , came a complete revamp initiative of ALoqab we introduce packaging.


Now a days we are leading a huge marketing campaign all over  Jordan & the world.

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