How we ensure food safety ?

The quality and safety of our products is our top priority. Here just some of the steps we take to ensure that  '' Aloqab'' products you buy are safe to consume.

We are using the Best Kinds of Raw Materials and We check All piece of the Raw Materials and storage in a good way.

Preparation :

All the preparation steps leads to increasing the Quality and the food safety level .

Under the supervision of specialists and experts in the field.

Processing :

 The processing steps include adding spices , salt and natural flavor .

 Roasting and all manufacturing steps led to development  the  flavor of the components and the quality of taste. Manufacturing steps lead to healthy products. Roasting lead to reduce the active water  that’s will protect the food from harmful creatures.

 Also we use the best and modern machinery in the processing and packaging nuts and other products to ensure the prevent of the exposure to pollution and to ensure high quality.

The specialists make continuous tests to the products to ensure its  quality and safety

Packaging and Transportation:

Our company uses sophisticated machines ( Europe origin ) packaging operations.

We have a fleet of modern  vans  to transport our goods to our customers .





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